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Frans & Kapma Foundation
The exhibition want to banish the idea that especially wealthy women practiced the art as a leisure activity, what earlier has been cleared up by Hanna Klarenbeek in her thesis about female painters, who must earn their bread and butter and those who do not have to earn their living. All seventeen artists, whose work has been exhibited, got an academic education in The Hague, Amsterdam, Antwerp or Paris, or took lessons from a well-known artist. Well, their work may be seen!

This is also evident because of the fact that the Frans Hals Museum, the Singer Museum, the Teylers Museum and the Art trade Simonis and Buunk gave works in loan. Guest speaker during the official opening was the well-known artist Marthe Röling, who also spoke promising words about the art works of these female 'brush princesses'. Surprisingly is the layout and overall ambiance of the exhibition, which is really worth to visit; it lasts until March 4, 2018. In addition, a very nice booklet is published with many images and background information.