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Frans & Kapma Foundation
Musicians from different parts of the world give a concert, whereby sitting still is impossible. Young refugees from Africa and the Middle East, who now live in the vicinity of Haarlo, send wishes, dreams and messages to heaven. And the exhibited paintings, on which the atmosphere of many countries can be felt, emphasize the coherence of all world citizens.

It is already the fourth time that the Frans & Kapma Foundation, together with the Haarlo artist (also board member of the foundation), Ida Roekevisch, organizes a concert with duo exhibition in PKN church, the 'Kluntjespot' in an inspiring, welcoming atmosphere. Thus the enthusiastic responses to the previous SOUNDS & ART events.

From 7.30 pm the Haytham Safia Qu4rtet - four musicians from three continents and educated at different conservatories – plays the stars of heaven with oriental, western and african sounds and rhythms. Inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, the messages of refugees from Syria and Eritrea blow into the air to be heard far beyond the horizon.

The intimate Haarlo PKN-church with place for 150 visitors is open from 7 pm. Due to the two grants, the entrance fee, including a drink in the break and afterwards, remains only 7.50 euro. Sign up can at info@idaroekevisch.com or info@frans-kapma-foundation.com.