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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

Discover the artists represented in the FRANS & KAPMA COLLECTION.

109. Helen Martina
110. Chris Soer
111. Ada Stel
112. F.A. Mooy
113. Nico van Rijn
114. Jack Jefferys
115. Laetitia de Haas
116. Willem van den Berg
117. Aris Knikker
118. Herman Bieling
119. János Bittenbinder
120. Cornelis Vreedenburgh

Watercolour on paper, 49,5 x 33,5 cm,
Signed: lower right 'willie haard'
Willie van Haard (1929-2013)

There are works of art, which are breathing nature. This watercolour with the image of dill is one of those. The herb with its needle-like leaves and delicate flavor is delicious with salmon and other seafood and the scented, greenish-yellow umbels are often used in bouquets. This beautiful watercolour brings a piece of garden inside. It hangs in our bathroom because dill needs a damp environment. Moreover, the colours match beautifully with the yellow tiles. . .

Mid-80s, we purchased the art work at gallery Polman in Malden near Nijmegen and a few years ago our framer, Gonny Tappel, gave it a new acid-free passe-partout and removed old tape residues and substituted those by acid free PH7-70 paper tape. It has, in short, expertly preserved it for posterity.

When we gather on the Internet information about the artist, it became clear that he is deceased on August 13, 2013, at the age of 83, in his hometown of Haarlem. People who wanted to show their last respects were requested to bring just an unwrapped flower, instead of a flower arrangement. So very pure, just as the artist drew flowers and plants. Think about it and realize yourself that today almost everything is packed up around us, prepackaged, sealed or even vacuum packaged, so that no air can come in. . .

According to the encyclopedia of artists P.M.J. Jacobs the artist Willie van Haard makes etchings, chalk drawings, charcoal drawings, watercolours and gouaches. As an autodidact he works in a naturalistic style. Among others he is member of the famous Haarlem artists society K.Z.O.D. (Art Is Our Aim), an association with also members as Kees Verwey, Joseph Santen and Anton Heyboer. It is known that Van Haard likes teaching, both private lessons and at the Adult Education Center. In the biographical handbook of contemporary art out of 2002 Van Haard is known as a graphic artist, painter and draftsman; shown is also a picture of him.

A friendly looking man with gray beard. We would have liked to meet him. . .